Publishing Portal Questions

What is the Publishing Portal?

The Publishing Portal is a one-stop shop that makes it easy to manage your publishing project. Receive customized reminders about your project, manage and track parent orders, gain access to free resources for every step of the publishing process and so much more. The Publishing Portal makes creating your classbook easy and organized so you can spend more time on the fun stuff - creating proud, published authors!


Who can use the Publishing Portal?

The Publishing Portal is currently in a beta test stage for our Classbook customers only. We are working on expanding the portal to include Premier and Individual customers in the future.


How do I activate my kit?

Activating your kit is easy! Simply go to, create your account and follow the steps to set up your classroom. That’s it! 


Do I have to set up a classroom for each new classbook project I do?

Yes, for each classbook project you do, you will need to add a classroom in your Publishing Portal account. This helps to keep all of your publishing projects easily organized. Simply log into your account, go to “My Classrooms”, select “Add Classroom” and fill out the information for your new classbook project.


Do I need to activate each kit I order?

If you ordered more than one kit, you will only activate the kit(s) you plan to publish for your classroom. Each teacher publishing with you will need to activate their own kit(s). If, however, you will be using more than one kit for your classroom, you will activate each one.


What is a Class Code?

A Class Code is a unique code generated specifically for your classroom. This code is only for parent use. Give parents your Class Code when it’s time to pre-order copies of your book - this code makes the ordering process quick and easy for parents when they order online.

Is my Class Code the same each year?

No, your Class Code is unique to your classroom’s current publishing project. For every publishing project you do, you will be given a new Class Code for that project.


What is the difference between a Class Code and a Customer ID?

A Class Code is a unique code, generated specifically for your classroom, that parents will use when they pre-order copies of your book. Your Customer ID is only for teachers to use when you reach out to our Customer Care Team or need to change your publishing date online.


Where do I find my Class Code?

Once you log into the Publishing Portal, you can locate your Class Code on the dashboard in the same box that has your classroom name, book title and Customer ID.


Can I change my publishing date in the portal? How do I do that?

It’s easy! Simply log into the Publishing Portal and click on your Publishing Date in the dashboard. Select your new publishing date and we’ll take care of the rest. That’s it!

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